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Why Komprise?

Data growth is exploding. Budgets are not. Buying more storage and treating all of your data the same is a never-ending cycle that stifles innovation and locks you in. Komprise frees you to analyze, mobilize, and access the right file and object data across clouds without shackling your data to any vendor. Intelligently manage unstructured data anywhere without compromise.

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With Komprise, you can...

Know First

75% of data is “cold” (infrequently accessed) within months of creation.

Get visibility across your data silos, across vendors, across clouds, and make informed storage and backup decisions.

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Move Smart

Migrate 27 times faster than generic tools across multi-cloud and storage.

Cloud data migration? Cloud data tiering, archiving? Ensure the right data is in the right place at the right time.

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Take Control

Save 50% or more on your cloud storage costs and avoid lock-in.

Maximize the value of unstructured data, reduce storage, back-up, and cloud costs, ensure direct data access.

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Our partner ecosystem works with your storage.

Don’t see your storage? Komprise works across NFS, SMB/CIFS, REST/S3 and more.

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What's new

Komprise Announces Multisite Support

Latest release enables enterprises and service providers to manage complex hybrid cloud storage architectures with global visibility and localized control.

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Pure Storage and Komprise Extend Relationship

Pure Storage will partner with Komprise to provide Komprise Asynchronous Replication to deliver reliable data replication for Pure FlashArray file customers.

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